Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Unemployed In Greenland*

Well, I haven't blogged in quite a while, obviously, and for the usual reason: I've nothing much to say. The things that are happening in my life right now mostly consist of things not happening: not finding a job, not finding a home, not writing anything new. So you can see why this thrilling news just had to bubble out of me onto my blog.
I have had some highlights, though - and they stand out more against that which at times seems so bleak. I spent a week "ranch-sitting" for a friend, and though I didn't get to ride, the time I got to spend with the menagerie was great - eight horses to ply with carrots and apples in attempts to be allowed to spray them with bug repellent - a dozen or so chickens from which to carefully collect eggs without being shat upon - turkeys with a bunny rabbit bodyguard - three 4H show steer to feed ridiculous amounts of grain - two cats to snuggle up with while reading - a deaf dog who peed on the carpet but looked adorable curled up on the jeans I'd left on the floor - and another dog, this one the size of a pony, who begged for my dinner and then absconded to the coolest possible room in the house to somehow counteract the heat of his polar-bear-like fur. It was a little lonely, so far out of town, but it was a good time to just chill out and do a bit of honest work.
Since then, though, I've just been job and house-hunting, and that's far less fun. But, I gotta keep trudging on. :-p And I'll look forward to the next bright spot on my horizon: visiting my dear, dear friend Emily in Vancouver on Friday and Saturday. Adventures to come!!

*10 points to the one who can tell me the movie reference!