Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Apparently Addicted

I signed up for a summer class today. I'm totally out of my mind, I think! It's a 300 level Psych class, called "Health Psychology" which will help me keep my course load manageable during the regular school year.
From the class description: "A critical survey of the basic research findings and theory on the relation between psychological factors (including behaviour, emotion, cognitive, personality and interpersonal relationships) and health. Topics include health-related behaviours such as smoking and drug use, the effects of stressful events on health, methods of coping with stress, the impact of chronic illness on the family, and social support systems."
So my first class today (the second class, since this was such a last-minute decision!) seemed really interesting - I keep thinking that my little sister would love it! I'm slightly daunted by the fact that it's only 6 weeks long with two three hour classes each week, but since it's the only course I'm taking I'll be able to swing it! Since there's no 2nd year pre-req I'm already a little ahead of the game compared to some of the others in the class - so here's to a kick-butt six weeks. I just have to get through my sister's wedding first - my dress isn't here yet, and I need to go practice piano. Gah! ;-)

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