Friday, October 26, 2007

Dog Days

I had a good day today! (Extra, Extra, Read All About It! :P) Odd, how that's more apt to happen on a day off ;)
The start was a bit inauspicious, as I was supposed to meet a friend to give her some moral support as her dog had to be put down and she was taking it very, very hard. However, from the name she gave me I was able to find neither online nor in the phone book any mention of that person or place! Since our friendship revolves around the library and Facebook, I didn't actually have her phone number, and couldn't get in touch with her to clarify things, and so I ended up of course not being able to be there for her and I felt like a total rotter.
After that, though, thankfully, things started to perk up. I headed on a brief walk to a now-almost-neighbour's house for a cup of tea (and a sinfully delicious apple torte.) We chatted for about two hours, laughed our heads off at some unrepeatable things, and she introduced me to The Dog Whisperer. I had never seen Cesar Milan before, and good heavens the man is brilliant! He's a dog trainer, if you haven't heard of him, and he has his own TV show on the National Geographic Channel. He's really so clever - especially in realizing that most of the time the trouble is with the owners, and not the dogs at all! Once he'd got the dogs behaving, they were so adorable and had me wishing so badly that I could have a puppy of my very own! (As I said to Pauline, "Well, if I can't have a baby, at least I should get a dog!")
The rest of the day was a quick trip to the library (I swear I have holds waiting every second day or so), a quick grocery shop and a bit of window-shopping and gazing longingly at cameras.
And now, another pathetically boring (but wonderfully cozy) Friday night, staying home with a glass of wine and a good book. You know, I think I kind of like being boring - in fact, all I'd need to make it utterly perfect is a comfy chair and a roaring fireplace. Oh - and a dog curled at my feet.

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oestrebunny said...

If you ever get the chance, you should watch 'It's Me of the Dog'. Victoria Stilwell is amazing, she'd kick Cesar Milan's ass!