Thursday, March 20, 2008


I'm alive, mostly. Stressed, but not sick anymore. (Yay!) Behind in school, freaking about it. Need to give myself a kick in the butt, and not be so hard on myself, all at the same time. It's a little complex.
Kitten is still cute; she still makes me smile. This is a good thing.
My dishes still seem to accumulate at an unrealistic rate, and I still hate washing them.
I'm still not sleeping for any solid chunks of time at night. It really, really doesn't help.
I need a hug - but I keep isolating myself from all my friends. I'm smart like that.
Only a month left of school, which is reassuring and daunting at the same time. It's almost over - but I have so much to do before it is.
My MasterCard just bumped my limit by $5000. Why? Why do they do that? It's mean. It makes it even more tempting the just leave. Run. Far. The other night I was lying in bed, about 4am, and so tempted to just get in the car and drive - to Washington of all places. (Hi, Tirzah!)
A change is as good as a rest, or something like that? I don't know; I can't have either. Not right now.
Just hang in there, Heather. It's a mantra now. One more month, then one more year. And then maybe I'll take off to some foreign land and teach English. As long as it's somewhere pretty...and maybe warm. I could use a little more sunshine in my life right now.


oestrebunny said...

My classes have just finished. It's brilliant, now if only these exams were over and done with everything would be ace.

Never mind stressing about sleep, think of all that extra study time you've got! What you need is some caffiene....or Ritalin. Whatever :)

Mrs. Wilson said...

Oh man. I'll pray for you today! I'll pray that God comes and gives you a BIG HUG of his loving compassion and comfort.

Have a great day, and spend this weekend remembering what He did because He loves YOU so much!

Anonymous said...

If you ever want to just up and leave, feel free to come to my house! Seriously. You're more than welcome here and I'll kick your butt into gear as far as getting dishes done. HAHA

Plus it'd be 100% AWESOME to hang out with you. I hope you get a schedule back into you life and I hope that school works out for the best. You're an amazing friend and I'm so blessed to have you in my life!