Saturday, January 06, 2007


For me, this is less the start of a new year and more of a new semester. The student's year starts in September, after all.
For a while, it looked that I wasn't going to be able to go back to school, due to mediocre performance and some paperwork issues. I spent most of the morning Thursday on the phone, battling through the bureaucracy and playing telephone tag with various advisers and assorted registrars, and now it looks like everything's on par for me to start things again on Monday.
I'm actually kind of glad that I was unsure if I could attend, because it helped me to clarify what exactly I wanted to be doing.
I like my course of study - for the most part, I find it very interesting. This semester, I continue with my cogntive psychology class, and I add an abnoral psychology (should be right up my alley, eh?) and "The Philosophy of Emotion." Oddly enough, with only three classes, I'm still finding myself at the university five days a week. I'm hoping that'll help me keep the stress level low as I'll only be doing a little at a time. I've also got a plan and a schedule as far as going to the gym. I've got a balance of weights and cardio, as well as taking a yoga class with my friend Pam once a week. Today, I'm sore, after my first weight lifting day yesterday, and probably a bit from the, uh, unique positions from my very first ever yoga class. But it's okay - because I'm allowed to take weekends off! I'll still shoot for a modicum of activity though, and go for a little walk this evening.
So, new year, and all that. I've just got to rest up this weekend so I'm ready to face it all come Monday!

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