Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bad Blogger!

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated - all two of you who care ;-) I've just been too busy with real life to blog! As previously mentioned, I've been doing a summer class - with it only being six weeks long, I just had my second midterm - yikes! It's been good, though, and quite interesting. I've also had to pay a bit of extra attention for a classmate who has missed the last week - seems her baby decided to come early! I went to take her some notes in the hospital, but unfortunately the little (very little - preemie) one had to be in the NICU so I didn't get to meet her.
Oh, and speaking of babies - I spend most of my mornings with a twenty month old, now. His name's Sam, and he's pretty darn cute. My new job - working as a nanny. At about noon either one or both of his big brothers come home (depending what kindergarten day it is) and I hang out with them for a few hours. Yesterday I managed to do quite an impressive drawing of a pirate ship - and I think this helped to get me just a teensy bit closer to the five-year-old's good side. I do like how children are so easily impressed - my crayon skills certainly wouldn't gain me entrée into Emily Carr.
That's about all there is in terms of news though. I survived my sister's wedding - physically and emotionally intact ;-) It was fun, and great to see some family I hadn't seen in a while, like my aunt, uncle and cousin. (Also, it was good to have my big ex-hockey playing cousin Rob there to help me move the piano after the ceremony!)
Oh, and one more thing. Tonight, I fell in love. Ya see, he's tall, dark and handsome - just my type, eh? I swear he's one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen, he's 17h and a bay. Oh, if you haven't figured it out yet? He's a horse. :P I was out at my friend Teri's for a year-end choir BBQ, and met Skylar for the first time. I wish I'd thought to take my camera - both for the gorgeous 8 horses that shes has and for the beautiful property. She seemed quite enthusiastic about having me come out to ride, though, so I'm hoping we can work that out in the near future!
In the meantime, though, tomorrow's a particularly early morning for work - 5:30am. So it's actually past bedtime already, really. (My, such a turn from the 2am nights of not too long ago!)
So, wish me sweet sleep, and I'll try to keep you posted just a little better in the next little while!

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Elisha said...

My My you have been busy! I've been meaning to find out how things are going for you but I've been busy with stuff too. I know I said weeks ago I would write you an email and I'm getting closer. But every time I have a spare minute suddenly something else comes up and I've got 5 minutes to myself. Anyway I hope all is well.

Elisha xo