Saturday, June 16, 2007


So my baby sister graduated this weekend, and is in fact at her Dry Grad party as we speak! Of course, it's been a bit of a crazy weekend, since we've shown the house three times as well! So, without having too much time to reflect, I've still managed to have a couple brief thoughts on my sister.
Em's my champion, fighting anyone on my behalf - even me. She's beautiful, inside and out, funny, loving, incredibly smart. She's also my littlest sister - the one I most remember as a baby, remember saying "Fiffer" since she couldn't pronounce "sister" and "Hadou" for my name. It's hard to believe she's graduated already, and about to head off to University to start pre-med (on scholarship, of course.) She wants to be a pediatrician, and though I tease her that at 5'1" she'll really be able to relate to her patients "on their level" I really do think she'll do a tremendous job.
I love you, Emmy dude. And I am so incredibly proud. You're my favourite youngest sister. (What, did you think I was trying to get myself in trouble here? :P)


Kristina said...

Congrats to your fiffer!!! :)

Emily said...

thanks :) I guess I am pretty amazing.