Monday, September 10, 2007

A Case of the Mondays...

Leaves me fraught with disorganization...hence, I bring you...

• A guy in one of my classes today had what looked to be an Elvish arm band tattoo. Yes, Tolkein's Elvish. I really want to ask him what it says, but am a little concerned that it's actually Cyrillic or something and I'll look like an idiot. Or, he'll beat me up. (He could be scary! He looks sort of scary! Except if it *is* Elvish and then he's probably actually more of a dork than I am.)

• Because last week we had Monday off for Labour Day, today was the first time I had my Restoration Lit class. I think the prof looks - and laughs - like Santa Claus. He seems to laugh a lot, especially at his own jokes, so this should be a fun semester! (Next semester too...I have him again.)

• I was running late today, and pulled into the parking lot at 3:40 - ten minutes behind. The prof then let us out two hours early (since it was the first class, there wasn't much to discuss.) This was great, except that I realized I had paid three dollars for forty minutes of parking. Please, shoot me now.

• I seem to have done it again - taken a book from the library that I've already read. It's very hard for me to keep track of them, you know, and it doesn't seem that the library system has any sort of tracking module. And I often don't notice until I'm halfway through the book (hey, if you read upwards of a hundred books in a year, you'd get a bit muddled too!) and those are moments of my life I could've spent sleeping!

• I have an unnatural hatred of doing dishes. And yet, I feel so much better once they're done. I'm also faced with the ugly reality at the moment, that if I don't wash them, I will have nothing off which to eat.

• Speaking of which, I suppose it's time to do something about dinner. Ciao!


Anonymous said...

I totally want an elvish armband. It was probably orkish, though.

Heather said...

I was thinking about an Elvish tattoo too! Or perhaps something gaelic. I don't know!