Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chere Maman

I often tease my mum that she's the "best mum I've ever had!" I'm a smart ass like that.
But really, she's the best mum I could ever have hoped for. No one in my life comes even close to loving me as much as she does. She's my unfailing champion, and the kicker of my butt. I know she loves me as I am, and that she has high hopes and faith in me. More than anything, she wants me to be happy, and she is one of the greatest contributors to that end. She is an amazing woman.
She's smart; she did some upgrading to her nursing this last year, and got an A+ on her final paper. I was so very proud. She's very good at her job, and it shows in the way patients speak of her. Having a nurse for a mum is a bit of a catch-22 ("I've had patients with their heads shot off who complained less than you!") but terribly handy in 6th grade when you can't bear the idea of anyone else giving you a shot. Last year when I had to go in for surgery, she was there holding my hand, getting me a warm blanket, and though I should be embarrassed to admit it, a teddy bear. (Hey, you lie there about to get your tummy cut open and see how you feel!)
She's beautiful, though I know she doesn't see it. She thinks her hands look old, and I think they're inspiring. Those hands have healed and comforted and soothed countless people, and changed my and my sisters' lives. They are skilled and capable, a testament to those qualities she herself bears.
She's strong and brave, and wise enough to admit when she makes mistakes. She's a faithful friend, standing as a pillar of strength to friends who've lost so much, lately. She's a loyal daughter, and as much as she and Grampy clash, since they're both used to being heads of their own households, she gave up her life here to be closer to them and to care for he and Granny as they get older.
She's courageous in trying new things, taking up both running and kayaking after 50. I was glad to hear the kayak she bought is bright orange, so hopefully no boats will run her over!
She made home a safe place after a time when it felt like it never could be again. She taught me to drive, white knuckled and grim-faced, when we always thought Dad would take care of that. She managed her household well, and fairly, and made me so proud when after digging herself from the financial pit Dad had got us in, she bought her condo and later sold it at a profit. She worked, and works, so hard that we should never go without. She is the best woman I have ever had the privilege to know.
I am honoured to call her my mother, and blessed to call her my friend. I love you, Mum.

Happy Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

Awwww how very sweet! I love your mum too, she makes cutes socks! :)

Happy Mothers Day Liz!!!!

Terry said...

MY Mom rocks my world. Sounds like yours does too. Well, yours anyway. lol

Emily said...

in all fairness, sister - she tells us we're the best 'heather, mel, etc...' she's ever had too.
all's fair ;)