Friday, June 20, 2008

I win! Updates...

  • I've finished my "summer" class and ended up with an A. That ought to help boost my poor beleaguered GPA ;-)
  • I had a job interview this morning. I think it went well? But then I'm also a pretty horrid judge of these things, so we'll see. They said they'd let me know either way by Wednesday. Fingers crossed!
  • I am still not done my essays. This makes me want to punt myself in the head. What I need it to make me want to do, is DO THE ESSAYS. Argh. I have ten more days on my self-imposed deadline. Dangit, I can do this!
  • Have been walking with Dear Karey a few times but we both want to go more so we feel a little less like slugs :P
  • Had a healthy lunch today- happy with myself.
  • Going to take a little rest before work.
  • Looking forward to tonight but I can't tell you why just yet, just in case!
  • More later.
  • Ciao


oestrebunny said...

Fingers crossed for your job!

Sorry I disappeared earlier, computer was being a bit of an obstinate bastard and just wasn't playing.

Enjoy tonight!

Anonymous said...

1. YAY on the A.
2. I need to know what the essays are for since I dont know what they are and now Im just curious.
3. YAY on walking and healthy. I need more of the physical activity myself.
4. ummm, WTH with the secrets!!!! That's just not nice. I hope it's fun or cool or something like that. :)

Anonymous said...

Please get the job please get the job please get the job. There I did my part, now get that darn job! lol

I hope that tonight went well and that you remember to buy the water chestnuts! lol

Loves you!!! I missed talking to you today. I was pretty busy anyhow, but doesn't feel the same without talking to My Heather! =D

oestrebunny said...

I've tagged you missus!