Thursday, October 02, 2008

Oooh Pink!

Well, plenty of sites do it, and I couldn't sleep anyway :P So here I am, Pink for the Cure! And you can even see my severely limited graphic design skills! Woo!
If you're Canadian, check out the link on the right for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, or if you're from those scary United States, take a gander over at the page of the Susan G. Komen foundation!
No one should have to lose a loved one to cancer. Guys, let me tell you, if you haven't been there already, even if you're not close, it just sucks.
My last memory of my Auntie Carol is her angrily slapping my hand down because I was tapping my fingers on the table in an irritating way. I would've been around 12, I think.
I wish we'd had time to make more memories - and more opportunities to make good ones.
Cancer should not be stealing away so many of our loved ones. We need to find a cure - yesterday. We need to raise awareness, and we need to raise money. Do what you can.


Anonymous said...

You're mean. Why am I not listed in your blog roll? huh? Come on, give a woman a break for crying out loud.

Oh, and Yay Boobies!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice new look, it's great! I have a few people in my life that have been affected and a few friends, I hope we're able to find a cure..