Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Breaking Down

Nope, not me. The numbers:

Psych: 8-9 hours coursework + 16 studying (the studying falls after April 8th, and so is not part of my calculations)
Anthropology: 17-19 hours coursework, including reading, + 6 hours studying (before March 31st, therefore IS part of my calculations)
Photography: (provided I can convince the prof to let me finish) 18-21 hours coursework
For a total of 59-65 hours.

Distance classes: Political Science, about 32 hours, and English, about 40.

So that means, if I ditch the distance classes, and I work on this Monday-Friday (on top of my regular class hours) I will need to do just over 4 hours of work per day. If I keep the distance classes, then that number more than doubles, to 9. Then again, I could also keep only ONE of the distance classes (I'll be discussing what to do about that with my adviser tomorrow) and have either 2 or 3 more hours, depending which I chose.
If I gave up my Saturdays, I could do a little less work each day. But I think if I do all this, that having a day completely off (since on Sunday I have church and my cell group) would be really healthy.
It may seem silly to some to have taken so much time to figure this all out, but I am less stressed about it having broken it down and seeing, or at least estimating, exactly how much time it will all take. Even though it's still obviously a whole lot of work, knowing what that work is, is easier. It's just like eating an elephant, right? One bite at a time.


Tirzah said...

I'm glad this post isn't irrelephant to your current situation. ;)

zoot said...

Your posts about school make me have nightmares about when I was going full-time. EEK.