Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bring Me That Horizon I've now slept six hours in the last three nights. No, four? I wouldn't trust my mental faculties at the moment, if I were you.
Now, to whom does that sound like fun? Oh, and I'm sick. The two might be related...but I'm really not willing to establish causality at this point - all we have is a positive correlation. (Guess who's been studying for exams...go on, guess!) Ya see, I can't really breathe, so that makes sleeping tricky. And only the first night of insomnia was my fault, because yes, I was up studying, and I had spent much of the day studying and napping, due to the sick. But the rest? Pure 100% insomnia. Seriously, if you're thinking of getting it, I can't recommend it highly enough: it is just bloody awesome. Best thing ever. So far I've cleaned the living room, the kitchen, and baked a banana loaf. (Seriously, what else can you do with ridiculously overripe bananas?)
Oh, and if you're thinking "just take a sleeping pill, Heather," because, yeah, the girl with the insomniac history (psst, that's me) does have some of those. BUT! Oh, but I tried that already, to no avail. I think at this point I'd need something with the fortitude to floor a moose. (I think that may be my favourite alliteration evah.)
So, really that's all there is to report - I'm thinking of buying stock in Kleenex, I make the strangest faces should I dare attempt to swallow through this sore-for-no-good-reason throat, and I may soon progress into paranoid delusions. Oh but not until later today - I've got far too much to do. For now though, I think that banana bread may have cooled enough to eat.


Anonymous said...

here to hoping you start feeling better!

- Jon
- Daddy Detective

Kristina said...

Mmmm, banana bread. Sorry I didn't hear anything else you said.

Just kidding. Hope you feel better soon, babe!

Kristina again said...

There is supposed to be a comma up there. That damned comma... It's making me CRAAAZY.

Heather said...

Haha Kristina, you're silly :-) I'd offer you some banana bread, but I'm pretty sure my little sisters have already completely demolished it. That's what I get for using chocolate chips in it ;-)

The one that doesn't shut up said...

Yeah, silly is like second nature to me. Or, first nature? Is there even such a thing? Silly is my middle name? Something witty that implies that I always silly. Yes, that last one. Dude, why do I do this? I go to peoples blogs/flickr/myspace and BABBLE until my fingers ache. Kind of like I'm doing right here and now. Sorry Heather. I'm working toward a solution, I promise. Except, no, I'm totally lying. Random and long-winded is ALL that I know. Siiiigh.

The One and Only A said...

Two werdz: Try sleeping pills, again.

(Math was never my strong suit.)

And Kristina? Keep "rambling." We all love it. =o)

Stargazer said...

I just stumbled across your blog through Zoot. I love your title quote! Just wanted to say hello.