Thursday, April 19, 2007

Philosophize This

So, I'm a little slow at this blogging thing. I'm a little slow at most things right now, actually. Just in time for final exams I've got a nasty sore throat and overall yuckiness, so all my studying has been done in bed between naps. Reading up on Abnormal Psych is easy enough - and to me, very interesting. What's really not working for me is Philosophy.
The prof has given us the questions ahead of time, which is great. Five part exam, chose one question (of 4) for each part. The problem? I can't find *any* of this crap in the readings. Maybe it's something he assumes is included and he hasn't looked at the text (we only have excerpts of various essays), maybe it's based entirely on his random ramblings from during class time - but I can't find it in my notes either. Or maybe it really is in there, but philosophers have such an obtuse and roundabout way of writing that it's essentially impossible to comprehend their point, if indeed they have one! So, how do you study when you don't have the material? Philosophy via Google?
I hate this stuff. Just, gr. Only one more semester and then I can get back to the far more concrete world of English and Psychology. :-P

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adam said...

I HATED Philosophy. I'd selected it because I thought it would be cool. No, uh-uh. It was FAR too mathematical for my liking.

Too sense...deposited.