Sunday, April 01, 2007

Desert Island Movies

Please note: the following post idea has been shamelessly stolen from RSM, as I originally wrote it in her comments section. But I figured if I'm doing all that thinking and writing, I'd better at least get an entry out of it.
So, without further ado - which movies could you watch over and over ( get the point.) For example if you were stranded on a desert island that miraculously had been endowed with a TV (and sound system, and DVD player and solar power...)
The Princess Bride My obsessive quoting likely dictates that I should only ever watch this movie alone.
The Lord of the Rings Yeah, all of em. I'm a geek like that :-) I think the whole story, the whole mythology is just amazing.
Phantom of the Opera I was so lucky to get to see the stage show and it was infinitely better, of course, but the movie really does do a great job too. I love the richness of the colours along with the rises and swells of the music and the amazing countermelodies. Mmm delicious.
Sin City Even though it's screwy enough that one of my friends (a guy of course :P) wanted to "protect" me from watching it, I liked how twisted and dark it was, and again thought the cinematography was just marvelous.
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Every time I watch it I find something new to laugh at. And it's a very fun movie to overquote ;-)
The Shawshank Redemption One of those movies that if my friends haven't seen it, I make sure they do. Blah blah blah, triumph of the human spirit - mostly I just like how stubborn he is.
A bunch of silly Disney and Pixar movies... I love The Incredibles, Monsters, inc., Cars, Finding Nemo. With all the kids movies I watch and love, you'd think I had kids, but nope, I'm just immature like that.
RENT I'll have to see the stage show of this one too, sometime, but I loved this movie if only for broadening my horizons and making me more understand of people who make decisions very different than mine. Oh, that, and it's marvelously fun to sing along to!
Moulin Rouge I never thought Ewan McGregor was all that cute until I heard him sing. This one makes the list for its utter singability as well - Chantal and I definitely have to watch it again when she gets home :-D
There are likely many more - after all, we wouldn't want to get bored on our little island, now would we? But that's the list as it stands for now!
So there you go - an incomplete and totally mock-able list. Enjoy ;-)


ChickenTherapy said...

Oh god there are tooo many to mention!!

PB of course - thats a given

Empire Records, any of the Kevin Smith movies (mainly Dogma), Fight Club, Disney movies - but only the old ones like Aladin, Lion King etc, ummm Benny & Joon or anything with Johnny Depp, Moulin Rouge and Chicago, Girl Interupted, About a Boy (dont know why but I have seen this movies a bazillion times and have never gotten sick of it but then I dont consider it a fave or even a top movie... ? )Clueless, Erin Brokovich, Notting Hill, any thing dodgy and girlie really :)

kimberly said...

LOL this post made me laugh because I remember renting Moulin Rouge thinking, Ewan McGregor? Meh. But then after I SAW him in this movie, holy hell! Totally made me see him differently. :)