Friday, August 03, 2007

Face of Earth = Dropped Off!

Okay, well, hello world. I've basically disappeared due to a tremulous internet connection and even worse cel phone service. If you know me IRL, just show up sometime - I'm sure I could use the company. For now, I'm getting down to the last vestiges of unpacking (I'm planning on posting pics of the new place soon) and just reading an awful lot of books and watching movies that I've had from the video store for *way* too long. I just finished "Catch and Release", because I'd only seen it halfway through when the others with whom I was watching it decided it sucked beyond belief, and turned it off. It didn't get much better, though it did improve slightly, mostly due to Kevin Smith.
In other news, there isn't really any other news. Sorry I'm so boring. But if you're thinking of me, an email would be much appreciated - even if I can't stay connected long enough to chat, something like that would totally brighten my day. (And a bit of brightening goes a long way in a basement suite with only one window :P)


Dawn Taylor said...

Hey! What is going on in your life? I hope that things are getting better. One window is better than none :)

Anonymous said...

and it is such a lovely little suite

if you are thinking not enough windows it must be time to go outside for a walk!!!!!!!