Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So apparently my last post was my 100th, and I let that pass without any fanfare whatsoever, and I'm quite sure its feelings are rather hurt. Oops. Instead, let's celebrate entry 101 by talking about that most abhorred of blog topics: dreams. Okay, seriously, I *know* everyone is supposed to hate reading about dreams, but I just have to write this down because it amused me ever so if you hate it, well, come back tomorrow (or, in another month when I finally find the time to post again.)
First off, let me say this: the more I need sleep, the less likely I am to get it. Makes perfect sense, right? Welcome to the wonderful world of insomnia! I was too hot, I was too cold - my freakin' skin was on too tight. I was hungry, I was sick to my stomach (the latter won on that little gem...spent a good piece of the night, how do they say? Oh yes, bowing to the porcelain god.) Now, you see, talking about dreams doesn't seem so bad...
With all the hype on NBC it's not terribly surprising that I dreamed about the Heroes premiere, in my own little way. Hiro Nakamura has got to be one of my favourite people evah :-D In my dream, he and Peter Petrelli were in prison, but escaped by becoming one with the walls. (I don't know.) My mind graciously played me both a live-action and anime version of this! Then, focus shifted to the others left in the prison. They were mentally cloning themselves, or exhibiting multiple personality disorder (though most psychologists put little stock in this, and when it does occur is actually called dissociative disorder...yes, school is creeping back into my dreams.) The Bad Guys (not Sylar, but the ones that Claire's dad was working for?) were monitoring all this for some nefarious purpose, of course, and wanted to know who could replicate objects with their minds and call things or people to them. (Why didn't they just use the accio spell, I wondered? There was also an Iranian man who shared a psychic connection with his father, and summoned him unconsciously whenever he was upset.) The replicated objects were placed in storage, and were stacking so high that there was getting to be space on the edges of this tightly packed warehouse, and objects and animals were escaping to the corners, and about to Escape! the warehouse! For the greater good! In the shifting of the storage pallets, half the people/animals (I think the conjured items manifested the spirits of their creators?) had to die to set the others free, and they were doing it so nobly! And then! Just as a nail was about to pierce one of these noble creatures and open the door, A Bad Person on the other side of the door reached through and (mentally) took control of the nail. She, The Enchantress, stepped through the door and, holding the nail aloft, declare, "This is a key to the city! Who wants it?" And suddenly all that Greater Good fell apart in everyone's bid to telekinetically summon this key - in their personal bid for power.
AAAND then I woke up. Brilliant. It was weird, but interesting, to me, at least. I hardly ever dream, let along remember it with any clarity. The more interrupted my sleep, I think, the more likely I am to recall. And it was a great night not to sleep, really - I start a new job in, uh, 38 minutes. So I suppose I ought to go! Maybe I'll write about that when I get home. Who knows? :P Also, thank God (not sacreligiously, but with every fibre of my being) that there is a drive-thru Starbucks on my way!

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Mel said...

You read/watch TV/movies too much :p

Congrats on the new job! I want details :)