Wednesday, August 15, 2007

World's Most Expensive Paperweight

Well, I've been having quite the adventures lately, especially in the Customer Service department. It's been a terribly boring month - get up, run errands, maybe go for a walk, but all in all I feel as though I'm doing nothing at all, except to spend money (stupid car needing an oil change :P and a/c service, and about a gazillion other things that are thankfully optional for now.) Anyhow, ranting about the car is not actually my point here, so on to the Real Thing!
Instead of re-writing the whole thing, I'm just going to re-post this very frustrated email I sent to my friend Kris the other day...
Things to know before commencing:
- A while back, my laptop went kaput.
- I found out it was the motherboard, but I was one month past warranty. I could buy a few more months of warranty for $300 and some odd, or replace the motherboard. I wasn't sure what to do, so I wanted to think on it for a while.
- When I called back, I found out the warranty was no longer an option. They hadn't told me it was a time-sensitive offer.
- I called again to find out exactly how much it would cost to replace the motherboard. They gave me estimates for three different motherboards, all around $600. Oddly enough, I couldn't pull $600 out of my ear, so I had to think on that for a while. Upon deciding that I just might be able to pull it out of my budget as long as I was careful, I called Dell again. I should have known...

excuse me but could you please shoot me in the head and put me out of
my misery? just got off the phone with Dell (in India) and they now
say that they can't replace the motherboard, that they don't make
notebook motherboards anymore...what on earth?! a month ago they had THREE
(>$600) quotes for me and now they have NOTHING!? Seriously I am
so mad I could spit nails! Plus the guy couldn't speak English
properly, and I don't mean just the accent. The accent I could deal
with - I'm talking about complete misuse of verbs and reflexive
structures and not being able to communicate effectively! I don't
care where they're from dangit but I want them to be able to DO THEIR
*sigh* So I'm out a very expensive laptop I'm not even done paying
for?! And I'm cranky and upset that I was "that woman" on the phone
for commenting on his English syntax (quote: "your sentence structure
leaves much to be desired" which earned me a very bitter comment from
the CSR.) But the worst part? Jerks made me cry!!
(wanna beat them up for me? :P)
ok thanks for listening ;-) ttyl

And since then? I told the Customer Service Representative I wanted to speak with his manager, he told me he was busy and would have him call me...oddly enough, my phone hasn't rung. Hmm. Guess I get to call them back again today. *shudder*
Okay, now that I've expressed my severe angst with the twits that call themselves Dell Customer Service, it's time to carry on with my day. My Auntie Sharon called me to invite me to Hairspray, and we're going to catch lunch first. So there's something on a slightly more positive note ;-)


RobynRenee said...

You are lucky! I want to go to a movie and lunch with my mommy!

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Hi Heather! we're lookin' for your email address - can you send us email at thechicks(at)