Friday, December 28, 2007

Is anyone good at thinking up titles?

Well, Christmas was lovely, even though it was two days early, and the drive back home wasn't too bad - though it was definitely winter road conditions!
It was lovely to spend time with my Grandparents, and to hang out with Mum and play some real Scrabble, instead of just Facebook's Scrabulous. I still beat her most of the time in person, too ;-)
I had a couple crash days when I got back to the Loops, just being a homebody and enjoying the time alone. I got my house more in order, and spent time with friends I hadn't seen in months. Tonight, my "little brother" whom I affectionately call Brianna (and he just loves that) and I watched the Bruce Willis movie "Live Free or Die Hard" which was huge and cheesy and full of corny one-liners which was precisely what you expect (even want!) from an action flick. I cooked dinner for us, and we ate some steaks I had left in the freezer. Explosions and steak - a very manly sort of night. Also occurring was the checking (and re-checking) of the hockey scores, in which the 'Nucks stomped the Flames 5-3. W00t! Brianna is torn, though - he's a BC boy all the way, but he lives in Calgary and works at the Saddledome. It makes for somewhat divided loyalties. ;-)
Anyhow, I'm well, and still around, so I thought I'd pop in. More soon, I'm sure, but for now, I've a lot more reading and writing to do. Ciao!


Mrs. Wilson said...

I still have to see that movie. Noah saw it and said it was worth it, so maybe a trip to the movie place is in order!

sporkchop said...

We really liked that movie! In fact we watched it twice! LOL