Sunday, December 02, 2007


It is snowing like mad out there! I'm glad that I won't have to drive again until after the roads are cleared. It's only December second, and I've already had more than enough of brushing snow off my car! Actually, I don't mind the snow brushing so much, it's the ice scraping that gets to me! Which is what happens, of course, when you drive your car and get it all warm, and then sit it in a snowy parking lot for a few hours while you watch a movie. Or, if like in the forecast, you go from -8 to +10 in a twelve hour period, then back again. That ought to be fun! But, I digress.
This afternoon, Laura, Jodi and I went to see a Disney movie. About a princess. I felt like I was about twelve again, and I loved it! We saw Enchanted, where a sickly-sweet cartoon princess gets warped into modern-day Manhattan. The way it mocked and yet totally maintained the "happily ever after" was really fun! Amy Adams did a great job as Princess Giselle, and McDreamy...well, I suppose we know what to expect from him! I also had fun figuring out some of the other characters - "Hey, that's Peter Pettigrew!" or "Ooh it's Maureen from RENT!" I'm generally not so hot at recognizing actors and actresses, but I always feel so clever when I do!
Now, though, I've got to get down to some serious textbook reading...and leave Wonderland behind.

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