Wednesday, January 02, 2008


This is why I don't bother going to bed early - my version of early, that is. I hit the hay tonight around ten thirty and was looking forward to a great night's sleep. But now it's 2:43 and I'm wide awake. Huzzah! So, I shall tell you a story.
Today, on my way down the hill from feeding Mum's friend's cats, I saw a young man waiting at the bus stop. He'd been there on my way up, too, and he was looking at his watch and seeming a bit worried. There's no buses here on holidays, and I pulled over to tell him so. He looked so stricken, I offered to give him a ride downtown. We chatted a bit and I discovered he is here on an exchange from Germany. I told him I had a friend in Austria, and that my little sister very nearly did a Rotary exchange to Thailand. And then I felt very dull.
I've always said that I wanted to travel, but beyond a highly structured missions trip to Guatemala, I haven't. I was speaking with that friend in Austria, Lizanne, just a few minutes ago. Time differences are lovely for insomniacs. She was showing me pictures of her Christmas in Austria. The lights in Vienna were spectacular, and I very nearly cried. Why am I still here, in the town where I was born? I hate moving, yes, but that shouldn't preclude travel. This is the perfect time in my life to be doing it - nothing tying me down. Yes, I need to get my degree - but after I finish my Bachelor's, absolutely nothing says it has to be here! I've spent the last hour looking at Masters' Programs all over the world, and mostly terrifying myself. But still, it's intriguing to think of continuing my education in England, or Australia or even "just" the U.S.. I want to be a much more interesting person than I am. Even if the travel just involves a camping trip, I resolve to go somewhere this year, and to somehow look beyond my horizon.


Tirzah said...

Well, remember that you're coming to MY HOUSE! :)

Once we get good and rich and can stomach the long long flight, we'd love to go to Australia...we have a friend (that was an exchange student that lived with us when I was younger) that we could stay with. They have 2 kids, so we wouldn't exactly be out of our comfort zone, but I wouldn't want to take the kids with....too much!

Dawn said...

Be forwarned! The travel bug bites hard when it decides to bite :) Travelling is amazing though and changes your life. Have fun!

ChickenTherapy said...

totally with you there I would love to go away somewhere. It always runs through my mind that if I sell the house I will have enough to support me for at least a year travelling. But there is really no place in the world like home. Ok I am lucky, my home is where most of you guys want to travel to but still :)

Mrs. Wilson said...

Come visit me!

And believe me. You're quite interesting! I went to school with you for years. You're anything but boring!!

DaRcI said...

I feel your frustration of no sleep right now. I meandered over from mrs.wilson's blog because for the second night in a row, my brain will not go to bed. But my body sure would like too.
Ps I enjoyed reading what you have to say.