Friday, November 30, 2007

Fait Accompli

It is the end of November, and do you know what that means? Why, it means I've successfully completed NaBloPoMo! I was a bit late a couple of times, but I do have an entry for each day. I just find myself being exceptionally glad that November isn't a 31-day month. We should consider doing National Blog Posting Month in February next time ;-) Just for the lazy folks like me!
Em's coming over for dinner tonight, and though I think I know what I'm cooking (pasta with alfredo and kielbasa) I don't know what movie we're going to watch afterwards. I've got a few rented out from the library that I've always meant to see (Casablanca, Gone With the Wind, 16 Candles - nope, never saw it, The Breakfast Club - what kind of 80s child am I, anyway? and finally, The Notebook.) I read the book, The Notebook, but never saw the movie. Anyhow, Em and I are probably more likely to go find some action flick anyway. We'll see. Either way I'm sure it'll be quite a fun evening!

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Tirzah said...

I think I've seen The Breakfast Club, but I don't remember any of it! HAHA 16 Candles I don't remember either cuz I wasn't supposed to watch it when I was younget but my friends parents didn't care, so I kinda sorta watched it, but not really. The Notebook is AWESOME, makes me

I vote for action too...we watched Hot Rod and Mr. Beans Holiday last night, Hot Rob was along the lines of Naploeon Dynamite if you liked that.

Anyhow, I hope you had a good time!!! I'm hungry now. lol