Saturday, October 28, 2006


Today was fun. I went all crazy with the baking. I wanted to give cookies to some of the main people who helped me with the concert. So, off I went, buying up things to make my semi-famous White Chocolate Craisin Cookies.
I went over to Mum's to bake, just because she has a nice kitchen and then I'd get to see her when she got home from work. Stirring up all that dough (enough for 16doz.) was a lot of work!
Good times, though, dancing around the kitchen and talking to the dog. (What? He's cuter when you don't have to smell him every day.) After a few rounds of baking, I started calling friends to see what was going on. I got ahold of Robyn and went to pick her up. We finished off the cookies (and I gave her a dozen of her own, as thanks for being my lighting person for the concert) and I wrote out a lot of thank-you cards to accompany the munchies. Mum actually got out her thesaurus to help me at one point, because after you've said thank-you a dozen times, you really can't think of any more ways to say it! After a while, I got them all done and packed into my car. Hopefully I'll be able to deliver most of them at church on Sunday.
After all the cookiness, Robyn and I called up Pam and Brent, and the four of us went down to Kelly O's for appies. We're kinda all addicted to pachos. Then we went back to Pam and Brent's place, where we watched TV and Pam gave us all French Manicures. Well, not all - Brent declined, "this time." At a loss for ideas, we decided to pop in an old Smallville tape from a few episodes ago, and played "Spot Brendon," a friend who's working as a body double for Tom Welling. Brent was quite funny..."See in this shot? (a distance shot) The way he's standing, the way he shifts his weight? That's totally Brendon!" Then later in the show it actually is Brendon, as an extra in a crowd scene. I'd seen it before, but Pam was pretty excited.
It was the first time I'd spent with Pam and Brent in a while, and I really enjoyed their company. Also, now my nails look pretty.
Tomorrow: lunch out and a Hallowe'en bonfire! Woohoo!

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Amanda said...

Hey Heather,

I'm leaving a comment for once after all these times of reading your blogs and never leaving a You never leave a comment on mine (ok so you've left 2 but not in a while)so I'm assuming that you never read my blog. I think that since you hardly ever comment on my space this will be the only comment from me on yours. lol JK I don't really have all that much to say though. I cant wait for your c.d. to be finished. ooooo and Justin Hartley is amazingly hot!!! :):) I have a complaint to make too. lol You've never made me any of your white chocolate craisin cookies... how come? am i not special enough? lol jk i know why its cause i live so far away. anyways i have to go and do some homework before bed but i thought i would be nice and comment so here you go. Have a good one!