Friday, October 20, 2006


Because I'm kind of thinking in bullets today...

  • People, I'm breaking up with Windows Live Spaces. They treat me so bad, and I've given 'em so many chances. But I need to break away...*optional Kelly Clarkson song*
  • Okay, just kidding.
  • In other news, I watched Smallville tonight. Shocking, eh? It wasn't as exciting this week simply for the fact that Brendon wasn't in the episode (at least not visibly.) But! It brought in, with a little more detail than before, a rather famous eccentric billionaire/Robin Hood wannabe - The Green Arrow! Now, I don't know jack about comics, but I'm told this is pretty neat. Besides, I really like the idea of there being another "Good Guy" out there, someone that maybe poor Clark could have to understand him. (I know, I'm sure the fictional character deeply appreciates my sympathies.) This is actually the first season of Smallville I've watched on TV (albeit taped) instead of just downloading it onto my computer. Of course, the seasons 1-5DVD are on my Christmas list.
  • Dad's away for a few days. Gone to Utah, apparently, for some stupid Quixtar thing. *shudder* But it means I have the house to myself, so I'm loving that.
  • My roses from Eileen are starting to wither terribly, but they still smell splendiferous. I should probably hang them to dry, but I already have oodles. And they don't do so well come moving day, anyhow.

So how's that for random, eh? Ah, you love me anyway. Ciao.

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Amanda said...

Yes..that was random! I'm so happy you've moved back to blogger :) Now I can comment. I like commenting...hehe. So good to connect with you again, Heather!