Monday, October 23, 2006


So I'm finally updating to this space again, a "real" update. Of course, it's a pretty lame update: a weekend recap. But it has pictures!! Oh yeah. :-)
Friday Night:
Quality time with Lizanne, who I'd previously seen only once since she got back from a year-long trip to Austria. The previous time was before, and not during the month-long visit from her boyfriend. So I still haven't met the guy. Nor have I seen pictures, come to think of it. Before too long, I'm going to start thinking she made him up. Proof of life, honey!
Anyhoo. Coffee at Zach's, then to BP with a group of international students. Somewhat hard to talk to, but generally very, very sweet. Ciara (one of the Canadian girls) and I helped Hisa (from Japan) edit her presentation for class. Then, Lizanne and I came back to my place to watch Click. It wasn't bad, but I certainly cried more than I'd planned to in an Adam Sandler movie! Here we thought we were in for a light-hearted comedy! An actual message? What now?
So, that was followed by a completely sleepless night, which, Whee! But it meant I got to Andrew's bright and early (for me) to help move at 9:30am.
Saturday Morning:
So, we did that. At the "old" house, the boys dropped unwanted furniture off the deck. They had a lot of fun doing this. Most boys, regardless of age, seem to have a teensy weensy bit of a destructive streak. Who knew? The plastic chair shattered much more satisfactorily than the couch! Lots of wee little pieces. Which were then smashed into even more little pieces. Great fun was had at the expense of the poor chair. By the time the boys were done, I wanted to draw a chalk outline around it. We took about three trucks full of stuff over to the new house. Which is gorgeous, by the way. Particularly the kitchen - full sized upright freezer and fridge, pantry, island, and flat screen TV. All of us womenfolk oohed and awed over it.
Then we went to Andrew's younger brothers' soccer game, which they unfortunately lost, potentially due to some crappy calls by the ref. While there, the adorable Katie stole my hairbrush out of my purse. I brushed her long blonde hair and wished that I had a daughter (not yet, I know!) and then she took it and attacked poor Vander. Since he normally has very curly hair, this went, uh, well? We decided it looked a little bit like a lion's mane. He put up with this brushing for a stupendously long time. When I asked him about it, he said, "Aw, I love Katie. She can do whatever she wants." Boys are such pushovers when it comes to a cute girl, eh?
So, the moving, the soccer, more moving, then Chinese food bought by Andrew's mum to thank us for moving (mm Chinese...I didn't used to think I liked it, but it's grown on me. But not like that, ew.) and a YA meeting, where I spilled juice all over my pants, and a bit on Andrew too. Andrew explained this the rest of the night as, "We had a bit of an accident, so had to go to Heather's house and get some pants." Thanks, honey. We went back to his place, organized like crrazy, then went over to Emily's to play cards. Came home; crashed until...
Sunday morning:
Got to the church at 8a.m. to play piano. Mike planned a great set, and we had shofar and I got a few neat solos. We heard Scott preach his second-to-last sermon before he moves to Ontario. After church, I came home and crashed from 2pm until 10am...
Monday morning:
Robyn called and we hung out, bought kitty litter and cat food, then painted our nails and had a very girly afternoon. I also went to the church and picked up the recording of last Sunday's service, from which I added a new song to my myspace music page.
And that, my pretties, was my weekend. Back to the grind tomorrow - hopefully I'm over this cold by then!

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