Monday, October 30, 2006

Thanks, and The Little People

Since I didn't make it to church on Sunday (mmm delicious sleep) I didn't get to deliver the cookies when I meant to. When it would have been simplest! I managed to catch a few people together at the church tonight, thankfully. The pianist, acoustic guitarist, bassist, tenor and alto were all there for youth group or the band practice! So I gave a dozen cookies to each of those folks, along with their cards. Dan did a taste test, and pronounced them good.
Still, I had a few more people on my list - and my sound man lives on the complete opposite side of town! So, out on the highway I go, only getting a little lost, and parking in the wrong driveway. (Later, the owner of said driveway knocked on the door and said she'd nearly had it towed.) I get to the door, and have a tour of their new house (they moved in a few months ago) then I sat and coloured with the boys for a few minutes. I swear, this couple seems to produce the cutest little kids. :-) I didn't see the baby; I assume she'd already been put to bed, but the 4yr old, 2yr old (ish, in both cases) and I had a grand time, eventually balancing the coloured papers, erasers and rolls of tape on top of our heads, and Daddy/Caleb took pictures. As he snapped away on the digital camera, the boys chimed in with, "I want to see!" And as we switched the camera to "view" mode to show them, it struck me that these guys would never know an age without digital photography. And then I felt old. ;-)
Next I headed to the home of the lead guitarist, where I visisted with his six-year-old for a few minutes, and he provided me with at least twenty different answers to the question "What are you going as tomorrow night?" I got: Cowboy, Fireman, Pumpkin, any number of other things that I can't remember...and what he's really going as? A clown. He'll be adorable. :-)
Now, I adore kids, and I want 'em...but I know I'm not ready for them yet. So it's a good thing other people will lend me theirs in the meantime, eh? Because the three boys I saw tonight? Kind of the cutest ever.


Amanda said...

Last night at work this little boy came through my till with his dad. And I asked him what he was going to be for Halloween... so he answers and than asks me how old I am. I answered (and honestly i might add. lol turning 20 wasnt as hard as everyone said it would be)anyways back to the story. his dad tells him that he should never ask a woman her age, thats its not polite. and the little boy responds back with "well everyone asks me how old i am, why cant i ask people how old they are?" soo true. that kid is pretty smart. and he was soo cute. he couldnt have been older than 4 and well his dad wasnt that bad either. oops i didnt say that. lol

(look heather, 2 comments i've written in like 4 days.. pretty good)

Amanda said...

What's up with nobody shooting film anymore? I felt like I was living in the stone age when I broke out my slr at our campus for christ retreat last month! I'll admit...I am starting to see the advantages of digital. Like, for instance, posting pictures of randomness (like cookie dough) on one's blog :) I am forced to conserve my picture taking and somewhat rely on others pictures for my blogging joy :)

Heather said...

I really do take a lot of random pictures. My favorite thing about digital, though, is that I can delete the really hideous self-portraits until I end up with a good one!