Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bringing Home Brendon

So I got a phone call from Robyn last night (well, technically two nights ago, but who's counting?) saying that she and Brendon rather urgently needed a ride home from Vancouver. For those unfamiliar, Bren's been living down there working as an actor for a while now, but is coming home to rectify a bit of the "starving" part of "starving artist."
Anyway, the short version of it is that, well, it's been a very long day! I left at 7am and had a rather snowy road on the Coquihala, but arrived safely on the coast. Robyn and I hung out and I played Bejeweled (Seriously. I have a problem.) until Brendon finished his modeling shoot, then we drove into Vancouver to have dinner with Robyn's mom, a.k.a. Auntie Sharon. That was lovely, of course, and then we headed out of town. We managed to get on the road by about 8:30-9ish, and just got home not too long ago. Though Robyn stayed awake much longer than usual (due to the slightly sketchy roads and less than smooth driving) she crashed just after the toll booth. Thankfully Brendon was still awake to entertain me! Nothing worse on a late-night drive than friends who promise they'll stay awake with you (the driver) and then pass out as soon as you get moving.
Anyway, I've posted a couple pictures of our adventure starting here, so if you're so inclined to check those out, well, good for you. Meanwhile, I think I'm finally coming down off the caffeine high thatn kept me alert through climbing up and down a mountain in a 104hp car, so I'm going to see if I can make it down the stairs and into bed before passing out.

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