Monday, February 12, 2007

Experiencing a Slight Delay

Well, it was pointed out to me that I haven't updated in over a week! It's a good thing I'm not one of those bloggers who actually makes something of a living at it, or I'd definitely be fired by now! Still, even in a week, there's not that much to tell you about!
I've been occupying myself with school - catching up on an essay about Plato and how exactly he potrays the views of women in his time. It was kind of fun to write an essay where I got to get all fired up about what a sexist jerk this supposedly brilliant man was.
Even the weekend was fairly uneventful. Went to Alden's birthday party on Friday night, played a couple partay games (Four on the Couch, Mafia) then talked til the wee hours with a select few.
Saturday was care group with the girls, which I'm really beginning to appreciate - just the opportunity to talk and pray with some other Christian young women. It really helps on those days (weeks...months...) when I feel I'm the only person left in the world who adheres to the standards I hold.
SO! That was too serious! Moving on...
Saturday night was the church-wide ski/snowboard/tubing night at Harper mountain. Of course, I did none of those things because I forgot to get a ticket until it was too late. So instead, I just went up and hung out in the lodge, mostly with Andrew, playing backgammon, crib (I learned! I'd never played before) and Blokus. I'm not entirely sure that there's a more geeky game in the world than Blokus. Except maybe D&D.
And then? We sang along to James Taylor...and we both looked awesome doing it, too. I actually like this picture of me, even though I'm kind of frighteningly perky, just because I look so darned happy. Probably because "You've Got A Friend" is such an awesome song.
*toddles off singing...winter spring summer or fall, all you've got to do is call...*

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