Friday, February 16, 2007

My Funny Valentines ♥

Just a little on the late side, right? But I thought I'd share some of the love I got this V-Day!
To your left (imagine flight attendant voice, you'll see the one paltry rose I got my mommy. I wish I had enough money to get her the dozen dozens she deserves, but alas, I am a starving student and so one will have to do. Along with the fancy card that was a pink Post-It that said, "Love you Mama!"
Later in the evening was dinner a movie with Andrew (which I don't have any pictures of, sorry Chantal!) where I got a little dolled up and then twisted my poor friend's arm and made him take me out to dinner and a movie - a romantic comedy at that. We watched Music and Lyrics, which was totally cheesy and formulaic, but exactly what I expected, so I loved it. I mean, I adore Drew Barrymore (someone rather inaccurately told me I looked like her and I was giddy for days) and Hugh Grant (who just has a little...something...that makes him cuter than he would be otherwise) and it's a movie about songwriting! I mean, seriously, what's not to love?! Oh, and the witty banter. I ♥ witty banter - when the words just fly back and forth, it gives a bit of chemistry and tension, too. I unfortunately ended a nice dinner and movie with feeling rather sick, and had to come straight home and lie miserably on the floor. Thankfully, I was feeling better within an hour or two, and was just peachy by the morning.
The morning consisted of more studying, a study date with my new friend Ros
e from my Abnormal Psych class. She's from Uganda and I rather like listening to her talk! (I also ♥ accents.) Then, the exam, which I think I did well on, but I've= been wrong before!
After that, more studying (I know, you're all jealous of my incredibly exciting life) and Young Adults, where I got some more of the aforementioned love. This first one is fro
m Kale, who was lovely enough to bring Valentines for (almost) everyone who was there tonight, and if you can't tell it says "Hope Your Valentines Day is Action Packed!" and it has a picture of Superman on it. I'm pretty sure it's nearly the coolest thing ever. And that little pink heart on the left there? Apparently I was the only one who got that sticker (he told me) because I am speshul like that. I don't think I've had a valentine in quite a while from a boy - maybe in Grade 12 when Josh Redekop gave them out to everyone too. I also got this ^ foam-heart adorableness from Heidi, who shows her affection through craftiness! And baking - there were cookies, which mysteriously haven't made it far enough into the evening to be photographed. *burp* They were delicious, because Heidi has baking skillz. She doesn't even need recipes. I am infinitely jealous. And now, back to work, because we all know I ♥ studying. No, really. (Not falling for it, eh? Neither am I!)
Happy (late) Love Thursday, everyone!

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