Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Clear the Air

Well, I think I need to push down that big of negative energy in the last entry. Wow, that kind of made me sound like I'd be talking about auras next heh. Nope, not so much! For the most part I like to consider my feet fairly firmly on the ground - even when my head escapes to the clouds a little bit.
The past few days have been exhausting, though not for any particular reason. I've even had what should be at least approaching a normal level of sleep! But all the little bits of stress sort of ganged up on me and beat me into a little corner. Even hugs from my mommy weren't making it better.
A couple of the things have either fallen or been moved off my plate now, though, thank goodness! I finished the essay for Philosophy that was worth a third of my mark; I was stressing over a double booking only to find that one of the events was canceled; I've managed to spend some quality time with some good, solid friends, and finally, and probably most importantly, I scheduled another counseling appointment. Neither of us remembered to schedule for last week, and though I'd only gone two weeks in a row, in the intervening week I sure felt the lack.
So, things are looking up! But I still hate Dell :P

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