Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oprah and Sunshine

I watched a bit of Oprah with my mum today. She had a pastor on who was talking about his and his church's "No Complaining" campaign. While from a quick glance the theology of the church seems a bit sketchy, you certainly can't fault the idea of trying to knock out the whining in our world!
So, in light of that, it's time to push some of the negative down the page again. It won't make it disappear, but dwelling on it certainly doesn't make it any better, either.
And on to some positives -
- it was a beautiful, warm, sunny day today.
- I got a midterm mark back, and though it wasn't as good as I hoped, it's still a B- and leaves me at a high B for the rest of the course (or even an A- depending how I do on the final.)
- I got to go for a lovely walk around Mac Park with my friend Emily. We saw three marmots. We decided to heck with that groundhog guy, the marmot is the first sign of spring in Kamloops.
- I'm tired, but grateful that I have a bed to sleep in.
- I have wonderful friends who will tolerate those midnight phone calls when I do have a rough night (<3 Chantal!) and who will take me for meaningless drives to Pritchard so I can talk it all out and even offer their shirt as a kleenex, so long as I wash it before giving it back (<3 Andrew.)
So take it as a challenge, I guess? If something's getting you down, look at the flip side. Bring a little sunshine back into your day, deliberate though it may have to be, it's still worth it :-)

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What are marmots?