Monday, March 05, 2007

Yup, it's recap time again...

So, I know you are "all" just dying to hear what I did this weekend. It was so exciting that I had to wait until tonight to write it so my adrenaline levels could lower enough that I'd be able to type. Or maybe (more likely) that I had to wait until I got enough sleep that my brain could function again.
So, Thursday night I had to miss Young Adults (much to the puzzlement of everyone who is very used to seeing me every.single.week) in order to sing with the choir at the Music Festival here in town. We sang pretty well - the adjudicator said we "cooked" - and won 1st place in our category. Okay, we were the only ones in our category. But we still scored 92 out of a hundred, so that's pretty good :-)
Then Friday night, a bunch of us from the Young Adults group went to a Blazers game, and several of our more obnoxious members cheered for Calgary :-P Still, the Blazers won 3-2 and one of our own (a guy who attends our church once in a while) scored the winning goal. Those of us who were cheering for the home team were quite happy at that!
Saturday was a celebration in my heart as Chantal is home for reading break, and so I went over to her house to visit with her, and her lovely family. I mostly watched her bake a cheesecake and her animals fight with one another, and then we had a scrumptious dinner and headed out for Andrew's birthday party. Andrew turned twenty; we all hung out and ate some cake. Good times ;-) Oh, and the game Draw/Say reveals how very messed our heads are. So stayed up too late, then got up too early the next day.
I played piano and keys and sang (and turned on the lights when they weren't working properly) on Sunday morning, proving that I am in fact an amazing multi-tasker. I even got to wear the Garth Brooks/Britney Spears headset, so you know how cool I looked. I did get told again that I have "an awesome voice" which is always nice to hear. Because seriously, no matter how times I'm told, I still get really insecure sometimes, especially trying to put an album together.
Sunday afternoon was spent baking more cheesecake, or watching again, but this time with Robyn as she prepared a birthday dinner for Brendon. I took her Hershey's Hugs which made her happy, and as long as I've made at least one of my friends smile, I can mark it down as a good day.
And THEN (see, if I blogged all weekend, I wouldn't have to write these looong entries) on Sunday night I went to another Blazers game, this time just Carmen and I. I haven't gone to a game all season, but apparently I was supposed to get all enthusiastic just in time for the last two home games of the regular season. I must be good luck, because we won again in a very exciting 3-2 game against the Vancouver Giants, and then as thanks for the support throughout the season (you know, from me especially) the guys were signing autographs after the game. Carmen and I went particularly to talk to Matt Kassian, the aforementioned scorer in the last game. Because he's come to our church and Young Adults, I've talked to him a couple times and discovered that the 6'5" 245lb guy who's an enforcer/fighter on the team is really a very sweet kid. Because he's so nice, I decided to razz him just a little bit, and when we were in the line getting things autographed, I asked Matt, "Hey, could you sign it to me?" Carmen thought this was very mean ;-) There were over five thousand people at the game, after all, and we've only talked a few times, and only once for a decent (15-20 minutes?) period of time. I figured he could at least identify me as "that girl who plays piano at church" though. After a couple minutes of hilariously obvious stall tactics, "How do you spell it? I mean, is it an unusual spelling, or is it how it would normally be?" he did get it though, and then I felt all special. I only wish they'd been standing up - because Carmen (who's taller than me) and I always love an opportunity to stand by a guy who's 6'5" and feel wee!
Matt's been drafted by the NHL's Minnesota Wild, and though he's got some room to develop as a player, well, maybe this will be worth something someday. Go Blazers go!

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