Monday, March 19, 2007

Withdrawal Symptoms

Well, now a couple weeks after my laptop decided to bite the bullet, guess who joined the party? That's right, my old ever-esteemed desktop computer. I think I might need to hold some sort of joint funeral for them. It will be a very emotional experience.
Right now I'm using Mum's little iMac, which gets me dirty looks from my sister who thinks I should be doing more constructive things than "playing" on the computer. Today was a pretty productive day, though. Took my car to be serviced, had philosophy class (okay, that particular one is *never* productive), worked on a Psych paper at the computer lab (and had one of the other students there steal my paper!), took Andrew his rather late birthday present - a gyroscope - which he really seemed to like, so that was great. Stayed for spaghetti dinner with his family, watched the first two periods of the Canucks game, went for a walk up at the TRU track, then back home to watch the last few minutes of the 'nucks superior skillz. Rather proud of those boys :-)
Of course, the evening has taken a steep turn for the worst, and I'm just feeling all cranky and mad, so we'll just stop there, and carry on with our regular programming when I'm in a slightly less objectionable mood.

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Amanda said...

The Canucks are great! and Kesler should be back soon which is super exciting seeing as how he is the best Canuck! I can't wait.

Miss ya and see ya soon!