Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On Demand

So I've been told I'm supposed to write a new entry?! I don't suppose any of you lovely, bossy people would be inclined to give me a topic about which to write? :P
The last ten days, huh? Well, let's see. My little sister was telling me that her life consisted of "Eat, go to class, study and sleep." Well, mine is similar, but a bit more akin to "Eat, class, work, study and don't sleep." Work's going well, though, and school's trucking along. I've actually slept a little better in the last while, and I think a huge reason for that is that it's been sunny! You heard me! Sunny! Woo! It's odd how much of a difference that can make.
Of course, last night I didn't sleep worth (fill in the blank) again, so now I'm wiped. So, goodnight :P Here's your post - sorry it's boring!


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Vanessa said...

Glad you are sleeping better. Tell us a funny story about going to work, or tell us something about school? Your most embarrassing moment?

Anonymous said...

You clearly omitted your wonderful times talking to me! lol