Saturday, January 12, 2008


And much thanks to Chris, Vanessa, Tirzah, and the other Heather, a.k.a. "Not So French Girl" who came and commented for DeLurking day! Great to see you out! As to the other 11 of you who came by (and wow, am I popular haha) you guys suck :P (I kid...thanks for coming by, too...but you really should comment!)


Vanessa said...

Great to be here! Sorry about the funeral playing, doesn't sound like fun. I play piano too, but just not in public.

ChickenTherapy said...

I read and laugh, just dont comment much ;)

Chris said...

Hi, I can't find any contacts on your blog. Can I ask you to send a note for me? My email is in profile.
Thanks, Chris