Friday, November 05, 2010

Day 5: Something I Hope to Do

In a broad sense, what I hope to do is to make a difference, even if a small one, in the lives of as many people as I can, while not sacrificing quality for quantity. I hope (and plan!) to ease the hurts of children and young people in this world, the best I can, to help them work through their pasts and embrace their futures. I hope to someday be able to help with something like a Red Cross trauma team, probably on a short-term, emergency basis, dealing with PTSD and other mental health concerns after major disasters like Hurricane Katrina, the flooding in Pakistan, the earthquake in Haiti - to work with other like-minded people to heal body and spirit. I hope to do something, in at least some small way, to help a child out of sexual slavery, because I can not imagine anything more heartbreakingly wrong than what happens to some of these children in places like Cambodia. When I hear their stories I don't know whether to bawl my eyes out or punch a hole in the wall, but I do know that neither of those actions help them, and so other more applied action must be taken. Nothing should be allowed to destroy the amazing exuberance of a small child; they have so much to teach us about finding joy in the everyday.

Photo by yours truly, click through to see on flickr.

I hope that I can live so that the spirit of empathy God has given me is a blessing instead of a curse. I do deeply, truly hope to have children of my own, and more than anything, to fulfill the purpose He has for my life, and to live it to the absolute fullest.

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