Monday, November 01, 2010

On Being Brave, and Day 1

I commented on my dear Robyn's blog yesterday that if I were to attempt NaBloPoMo this year, I might try the '30 Days of Truth'. And then I realized that would probably be terrifying, so I chickened out and said I may write it in a paper journal instead. However, over the last day or so I've come to realize that without the accountability factor, I don't think I'd be brave enough to delve into some of these tough questions, and so, with some judicious editing, of course, I have decided that I will indeed post each day in November, with 30 truths.

Day 1: Something I hate about myself.

I hate that this starts with hate. While it would be more challenging, I'd prefer to start with something I love about myself, because then I might have less trouble choosing just one. So, deep breath...
I hate that I so rarely follow through. Whether it's cleaning house, taking better care of myself physically (or mentally, or emotionally!), academics, you name it - I can start off with the greatest intentions, but as time wears on, I wear out.
I know that it is partly the discouragement and low spirits that come with clinical depression, the lack of motivation is not purely my own, but I also know it is something that I can work at, chip away, little by little. Maybe that's why I'm doing this - to remind myself that I am capable of finishing things, albeit simple and perhaps unimportant ones. I'm taking this chance to remind myself that every day is a new day, and today, I can start working on one of those hated characteristics, to come a little bit closer to wholly loving myself.
(gag, saccharine, I know, I know. Bear with me, this could end up actually being fun.)


RobynRenee said...

Yay! So glad you are joining me on this little journey! I'm looking forward/terrified of admitting my truths this month!

Jen Wilson said...

Yay! You're blogging again!

I have the same no-follow-through problem. I hate it as well. Good luck in this 30-day thing!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is why you get gold stars from me when you do a good job, because I'm proud of you when you accomplish things that are important to you. Plus it's just cute. ;)

Never That Easy said...

Accountability is half the reason I get things done, too. And I so understand how terrifying this 30 Days of Truth is turning out to be (Who knew?)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I hope that you'll be back soon.

Stay brave - I know it's hard!