Sunday, November 07, 2010

Day 7: Life Worth Living

Those who make my life worth living aren't about the grand gestures. People who make my life better just by being in it range from family and dear close friends, to the man at the supermarket who returned someone else's cart - and didn't get a quarter out of the deal, either. It's the pretty little things, like the pretty hydrangeas I took photos of the other day.

It's the little kids I'm babysitting saying, "I wuv you, Hedder". It's looking forward to a short visit in Vancouver to spend time with my lovely cousin, and hopefully some with my sisters as well (schedule dependent, of course!) It's a bedspread I like, a cheapo from IKEA with blue and white sand dollars. It's a million little things, and all the wonderful people in my life, and a million little moments that I get to spend with them. As Brad Paisley would say, "I live for little moments like that".

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Tirzah said...

:) The little moments are always the ones that stick with you. I also wuv you!