Friday, December 08, 2006

Enough with the thinking!

Oh my word. I have my cognitive psychology exam today. I meant to spend a lot more time studying yesterday than I did. Instead I ended up spending several hours working on a relationship. Crying, yelling, and intervention oh my! It sucked, and it was very hard, but I'm immeasurably glad that we talked about it and got our friendship back on steady footing. It really is so good to know that people care about you. To wit, at the end of our meeting...
Reference: A few months ago, someone hurt me pretty bad, and we still haven't discussed it, as that party appears to be unwilling. When it first happened, Dan (who I was dealing with yesterday) saw me crying and said, "Who hurt you? I'll kill him." Rarely have I felt so protected and loved.
Today, after Dan and I had been at odds for over a week, and had just fought it out for several hours, we were sort of debriefing...
Me:"I'm sorry for crying so much. I know it tends to invoke a certain reaction in most men (Fix.Now.) I didn't mean it to be manipulative or anything (I've been accused of that before.) Really I just can't help crying. I've tried! Like that time with SoandSo."
Dan:"Hey, it's okay. We all cry. I even cry sometimes."
Me:"Yeah...You know, he still hasn't spoken to me."
Dan: (immediately) "SON OF A BITCH!!!"
Me: "Haha. Thanks."
Dan: "Uh, sorry. That wasn't very pastor-like. Swearing, in a church no less."
Me: "It's okay; it's Mike's office - it doesn't count."
I'm glad we're okay. What was a fairly complicated fight got broken down into us agreeing to be nicer to each other.
My eyes are still puffy today, though. Several hours of crying will do that. (As previously established, I don't cry pretty. My friend Michelle said, "Hey, we can't all be Demi Moore.") I'm having a hard time keeping them open this morning. Of course, that may have something to do with the fact that I only slept from 12-4 after an exhausting day. I had my alarm set for six, to get up and study, but I figured since I woke up at four, I might as well take advantage of the extra cram time. So I'd better go back to that now.
Wish me luck - I totally need it! Oy.

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