Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Escape Plan

Oh, Lordy, I can't wait for exams to be over! If I have to look at another statistical problem again - ever - after this Wednesday? I will go completely bonkers. So far the stuff I'm reviewing seems nice and easy. ie, The New York Yankees have a 0.6 probability of winning the World Series. Two other teams have a lesser but equal chance...yada yada lol. Anyway, what it boils down to is simple algebra and while it took a minute to remember exactly how to do that, it was quite easy, because if we know all the probabilities, and they're not convergent, they have to add up to one. Or something. Isn't the world lucky that I'm not teaching this stuff? heh.
Anyhow. On Saturday morning before I started recording (shortly after I last posted, in fact) I went down to the church to practice and sort some things out for the session. And I did practice and run through scales and such, but more than anything, it was just a chance to unwind and just....breathe, on some sort of deeper level.
A lot people think about running away to a tropical island, or a wild African safari, or anywhere that people stop talking about Paris Hilton.
Me, I dream about a quiet room and a piano. Okay...maybe a tropical island with a (Weather-protected) grand piano...a wood finish grand. Ahem. Anyway.
There's a lot of escapism for me, sitting in front of a piano, and I don't even have to write (though I usually end up doing so.) Playing scales is relaxing. (I'm a freak.)
Someday, I will have my own home, and a real live piano in it. Someday.

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