Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Still not dead...

And also not wishing for it quite as often, as the pain's getting better. Today is worse than yesterday, but still better than the day before. And here I thought it'd be constant improvement. Well, phblt to that.
Still, nothing interesting to say, sorry. All I'm doing is sitting around, trying not to move too much...and nobody's even home to keep me company. My family's way too busy. :-/
Oh! But Emily (The One Who Is Not My Sister) came to visit me last night - and brought chocolate! And Pam and Robyn came by today and brought me a wee teddy bear from Pam's mum that has a band-aid over its tummy. I feel so loved. :-)

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MadMom \m/ said...

did you have your gall bladder removed laparoscopically?? I had that a few years ago. it can be painful, but I remember that i felt better pretty quickly a few days after. I think the pain before the surgery is way worse!! I hope you feel better!!