Monday, February 26, 2007

Oh, how I love thee...

You really wouldn't believe how much I love this thing.
You see, I have this inordinate tendency to spill on myself. It scared me off of wearing white for a very long time. But then once I went out to brunch with a black shirt on - and ended up with icing sugar all over my chest. (Yeah, the spilling isn't helped by the fact that my boobs stick out as they do.)
Usually when I spill, I tend to be in the company of dear Robyn, and so I'd taken to blaming it on her. But now, after having dessert with my dad tonight and spilling raspberry purée down my white shirt, I realized I can no longer hold her accountable. Luckily, though, my TideToGo pen was there to save the day! Seriously, people, it's as awesome as Kelly Ripa says it is. And if you can't trust Kelly Ripa...well, never mind.
For posterity - another story of TTGPen to the rescue!! A few weeks ago, we were enjoying lunch and some carousing with playing cards chez Jodi and Micah (and sort of Heidi's too, though she's moved out.) To help accomodate our lunch, Heidi had graciously opened a new bottle of ketchup. Unfortunately when she put it on the table, it took on a life of its own and sent red goo flying in several directions - most people managed to evade it, with a splat landing on the side of Jo's chair. Kevin, unfortunately, wasn't quite as lucky. Right on the sleeve of his dress shirt appeared a lovely tomato-coloured stain. Groans of dismay filled the room! But never fear! I dashed down the stairs to where my faithful purse was stashed, and ran back into the kitchen, TTGPen in hand! I applied it, as per the instructions, to Kevin's sleeve (and sort of arm, since I didn't have another "hard" surface to use) and the stain was gone within minutes.
It's rather wonderful that such simple things can make my day! I was nearly ecstatic to be able to share it with friends! So, for those of you who weren't there, well, I just decided to share it with the whole intenets!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bringing Home Brendon

So I got a phone call from Robyn last night (well, technically two nights ago, but who's counting?) saying that she and Brendon rather urgently needed a ride home from Vancouver. For those unfamiliar, Bren's been living down there working as an actor for a while now, but is coming home to rectify a bit of the "starving" part of "starving artist."
Anyway, the short version of it is that, well, it's been a very long day! I left at 7am and had a rather snowy road on the Coquihala, but arrived safely on the coast. Robyn and I hung out and I played Bejeweled (Seriously. I have a problem.) until Brendon finished his modeling shoot, then we drove into Vancouver to have dinner with Robyn's mom, a.k.a. Auntie Sharon. That was lovely, of course, and then we headed out of town. We managed to get on the road by about 8:30-9ish, and just got home not too long ago. Though Robyn stayed awake much longer than usual (due to the slightly sketchy roads and less than smooth driving) she crashed just after the toll booth. Thankfully Brendon was still awake to entertain me! Nothing worse on a late-night drive than friends who promise they'll stay awake with you (the driver) and then pass out as soon as you get moving.
Anyway, I've posted a couple pictures of our adventure starting here, so if you're so inclined to check those out, well, good for you. Meanwhile, I think I'm finally coming down off the caffeine high thatn kept me alert through climbing up and down a mountain in a 104hp car, so I'm going to see if I can make it down the stairs and into bed before passing out.

Monday, February 19, 2007

VDay Addendum

So I got another VDay card, sent from the lovely Chantal way over at Briercrest. She also sent one along for Robyn, who I'll be seeing tomorrow when I go pick her up from Vancouver.
Right now, though, I'm watching Heroes and something is actually happening, so I'm gonna fly! (And how awesome is Peter!?)
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Friday, February 16, 2007

My Funny Valentines ♥

Just a little on the late side, right? But I thought I'd share some of the love I got this V-Day!
To your left (imagine flight attendant voice, you'll see the one paltry rose I got my mommy. I wish I had enough money to get her the dozen dozens she deserves, but alas, I am a starving student and so one will have to do. Along with the fancy card that was a pink Post-It that said, "Love you Mama!"
Later in the evening was dinner a movie with Andrew (which I don't have any pictures of, sorry Chantal!) where I got a little dolled up and then twisted my poor friend's arm and made him take me out to dinner and a movie - a romantic comedy at that. We watched Music and Lyrics, which was totally cheesy and formulaic, but exactly what I expected, so I loved it. I mean, I adore Drew Barrymore (someone rather inaccurately told me I looked like her and I was giddy for days) and Hugh Grant (who just has a little...something...that makes him cuter than he would be otherwise) and it's a movie about songwriting! I mean, seriously, what's not to love?! Oh, and the witty banter. I ♥ witty banter - when the words just fly back and forth, it gives a bit of chemistry and tension, too. I unfortunately ended a nice dinner and movie with feeling rather sick, and had to come straight home and lie miserably on the floor. Thankfully, I was feeling better within an hour or two, and was just peachy by the morning.
The morning consisted of more studying, a study date with my new friend Ros
e from my Abnormal Psych class. She's from Uganda and I rather like listening to her talk! (I also ♥ accents.) Then, the exam, which I think I did well on, but I've= been wrong before!
After that, more studying (I know, you're all jealous of my incredibly exciting life) and Young Adults, where I got some more of the aforementioned love. This first one is fro
m Kale, who was lovely enough to bring Valentines for (almost) everyone who was there tonight, and if you can't tell it says "Hope Your Valentines Day is Action Packed!" and it has a picture of Superman on it. I'm pretty sure it's nearly the coolest thing ever. And that little pink heart on the left there? Apparently I was the only one who got that sticker (he told me) because I am speshul like that. I don't think I've had a valentine in quite a while from a boy - maybe in Grade 12 when Josh Redekop gave them out to everyone too. I also got this ^ foam-heart adorableness from Heidi, who shows her affection through craftiness! And baking - there were cookies, which mysteriously haven't made it far enough into the evening to be photographed. *burp* They were delicious, because Heidi has baking skillz. She doesn't even need recipes. I am infinitely jealous. And now, back to work, because we all know I ♥ studying. No, really. (Not falling for it, eh? Neither am I!)
Happy (late) Love Thursday, everyone!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Well, I've just finished writing one midterm, but I have another tomorrow, so you'll forgive my lack of intelligent posting? (Oh wait, how is that different from the usual? :P)
Abnormal psych done, cognitive psych (particularly language and though) tomorrow. It's gonna be more fun that a barrel full of monkeys, I tell ya. Wish me luck!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Experiencing a Slight Delay

Well, it was pointed out to me that I haven't updated in over a week! It's a good thing I'm not one of those bloggers who actually makes something of a living at it, or I'd definitely be fired by now! Still, even in a week, there's not that much to tell you about!
I've been occupying myself with school - catching up on an essay about Plato and how exactly he potrays the views of women in his time. It was kind of fun to write an essay where I got to get all fired up about what a sexist jerk this supposedly brilliant man was.
Even the weekend was fairly uneventful. Went to Alden's birthday party on Friday night, played a couple partay games (Four on the Couch, Mafia) then talked til the wee hours with a select few.
Saturday was care group with the girls, which I'm really beginning to appreciate - just the opportunity to talk and pray with some other Christian young women. It really helps on those days (weeks...months...) when I feel I'm the only person left in the world who adheres to the standards I hold.
SO! That was too serious! Moving on...
Saturday night was the church-wide ski/snowboard/tubing night at Harper mountain. Of course, I did none of those things because I forgot to get a ticket until it was too late. So instead, I just went up and hung out in the lodge, mostly with Andrew, playing backgammon, crib (I learned! I'd never played before) and Blokus. I'm not entirely sure that there's a more geeky game in the world than Blokus. Except maybe D&D.
And then? We sang along to James Taylor...and we both looked awesome doing it, too. I actually like this picture of me, even though I'm kind of frighteningly perky, just because I look so darned happy. Probably because "You've Got A Friend" is such an awesome song.
*toddles off singing...winter spring summer or fall, all you've got to do is call...*

Friday, February 02, 2007

Heather - 1, Rut - 0

Okay, so probably the rut has more points than that. A few weeks ago, I got a good solid start on a song, but didn't quite finish it. Yesterday and today, though, I got somewhere.
I wrote a little before leaving for Breakforth about how I was feeling "unspiritual." It's nothing new, really, and I used the thought briefly in the song "Fly", saying "You think that I'd have it down, after all these years..."
It's carried on, though. So many days I don't feel like a "good" Christian - and I put it in quotations because in reality, in my head, I know there's not really any such thing. God has made me who I am - and my struggles, particularly with depression - are a part of that. I know that before the Fall that's not how He'd have had me in mind, but for now, for today, it's what my character looks like. Still, there remains in me a profound desire to be changed. I found myself at the piano yesterday, having had a horrible day - feeling useless, hopeless, helpless...all those good things those who've struggled with depression would recognize. And I wrote this.

It's a dangerous thing to ask You to show up, I know. Jacob never walked right again; Moses glowed; Saul was blinded. Maybe I'm asking for a Damascus road. All I know is that I never want to be the same.

From that thought, and from Acts 9, came this song.

He must have been scared half to death
Walking down Damascus Road
He must have known he'd have to change
After meeting with You, Lord
You went so far as to change His name
And now I'm askin' for the same

I'm askin' for Damascus
Make me blind, so I can see
And I'm begging, be my Master
So I'll finally be free

The very man who'd hunted them
Now a champion for Your cause
A fervent fire to end the faith
Became a passion for the lost
You've done it all throughout history
So could You bring this change in me?

I'm askin' for Damascus
Make me blind, so I can see
And I'm begging, be my Master
So I'll finally be free

Like Jacob walking with a limp
And Moses' face all aglow
I want to be marked with Your name
So the world will know

I'm askin' for Damascus
Make me blind, so I can see
And I'm begging, be my Master
So I'll finally be free

On a more technical note, I love the chording. I don't know what they're all called, but I adore how they sound.
I'm proud of this song, how it turned out. I was reminded tonight that 75% of the Psalms are songs of lament. Christian music - Christian faith! - doesn't have to be "happy-go-lucky." I know there's a need for honesty and reality in the Church and in the world.
Like many songs, this was a gift - it was work as well, of course - but I know simply from the way it has spoken to my heart that if no one else hears it, if no one else is changed, I will still be thankful for this gift. Because it's set me on that road to Damascus, and I will never be the same.

Also, in the interest of reality - do not steal this song. It is intellectual property and is as such protected under Copyright Law. And stealing is mean. Don't do it.