Friday, February 22, 2008

I don't get it. I just don't. It seems that if I go to bed at any reasonable hour, say, before 1:00A.M. then I'm going to wake up just a few hours later and not get back to sleep. This is tremendously lame, just for the record. *grumble*

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Smooth Like Butter

I fell into a snowbank last night. Once it's light I may well take a picture of the dent I made.
I was walking to the car to drive Emily home after a lovely visit this afternoon. Push the button to unlock the car (that's way more fun after it hasn't worked for a while!) Em gets in, and I go to the driver's side, where I cleverly discover a patch of ice, and promptly bit the dust - or the snow, as it were. I was a bit stunned!
I look up to see a man in the back of a cab totally rubbernecking at me. Thank you sir. Drive on.
Em gets out of the car. "Are you okay? I heard a squeak, and then you were gone!" A squeak. I am dignity personified, I tell ya.
I brushed off my butt and my pride and dug my keys out of the snow, then got in to drive Em home. In her driveway, I checked my purse for some reason, and realized that my wallet was not in it. Hm, uncool.
I pulled into my wee parking spot at home, and checked the snowbank for my wallet. Hm, there's the hole from my keys, the not insignificant butt print...but no wallet. My eyes go a bit further, and I see it. In the road. It had come open, and my credit cards and the like were scattered all over the street. I'd been gone about 10 minutes.
I may not be terribly suave - but at least I'm lucky!

Friday, February 08, 2008


I somehow doubt I'll ever be quite as at home playing guitar as I am on piano. The guitar is more portable, of course, and more affordable, but right now I miss my piano so much it hurts! The song inside me longs to pour out and get stuck at the end of my uncalloused fingers. It's funny though - I seem to have a go-to song on guitar. It's simple - the key of D (yay!) and just basic, simple picking. I rarely sing along, though I do have some favourite words...

My heart can't see when I only look at me
My soul can't hear when I only think of my own fears
They are gone in a moment
You're forever the same
Why did I look away from You?
How can I speak Your name?

I performed it once, about 7 years ago, I think. But something about this song, the music, the feeling, the utter simplicity of it soothes my heart in a way that's so rare for me on guitar. I only wish you could hear the instrumentation better in this clip, but oh well. Jennifer Knapp - Refine Me.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Well, I'm just a big ol' crankypants again. I'm sick - and I've only been sick one other time since September, so I shouldn't whine about it, but I was really enjoying being healthy! Now all I want to do is cuddle into my nice warm bed that still can't warm me enough, since I have chills.
I was supposed to go out earlier, and even though I really didn't feel up to it, I got up and showered and dressed and did my makeup, and was on my way out the door when I realized I couldn't find my keys. I looked every logical place I could think of, but they didn't appear.
I took it as a sign. I washed my makeup off and crawled back into bed with a book. Ugh. Did I mention that I hate being sick? (Grump :P) OJ and chicken soup and layers of blankets...I hope I feel better tomorrow.