Monday, March 16, 2009

The Beast

I had to fire up my old computer today to work on some Windows-based programs for school that I couldn't do on my pretty little MacBook. I had put all the info in using Open Office (yay freeware!) but wanted to use Power Point for all the transitions and such to make sure they'd all go smoothly on the computer at school.
It really amused me to fire this thing up (I'm using it to write this blog post) because, I kid you not, the boot up sounds just like an airplane taking off. And as long as we're using transportation metaphors, let me also say it's really more of a boat anchor than anything else ;0) I shouldn't complain of course, I think it's still faster than Grampy's old machine!
And that's the thing...the important part. I really am grateful. God willing, if I keep on track I will graduate next May. It's been damn hard, and there's struggles still to come, I know, but there's that light at the end of the tunnel and I'm beginning to hope it isn't an oncoming freight train.