Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 12: Compliments II

Something on which people never compliment me. Well, I can't say I have any brilliant responses to this one, perhaps because I don't hear that which no one says ;-)

Hm, let's see...I have never been complimented on... lovely green eyes (because they're blue) talented accordion playing (somehow never picked that one up) sweet Aston Martin (oh, how I wish!) ability to do a triple lutz or a camel spin or death spiral (that last one looked pretty awesome/freaky at BodyWorlds!) nose ... it's just a regular nose, I suppose! (Ooh, rhyming!)

I know, I have a weird sense of humour. Tough, it's my blog :P What about you? Any brilliant non-compliments in your life?

1 comment:

RobynRenee said...

Attempting a triple lutz or death spiral is just far to scary! A camel spin, although I used to be able to do on is now scary. But I do like your blue eyes, and am jealous of your blonde hair, oh and your musical talents :)