Thursday, December 28, 2006


Mum tells me I should post. She's about all I've got for an anxious audience member. Apparently she's just longing for an update on my life - while I'm living with her. Good thing we can use real live communication, eh?
There's not been much going on, really, besides the requisite Christmas and family stress. It seems like some things should get less awkward, but they never do. Add to that, my younger sisters are 17 and 18 and mostly not that interested in "family time." I mean, I get it - I was seventeen once too! But since none of Mel, Chris, Granny or Grampy came up (who were all here last year) when the kids took off the ski hill Christmas morning, and Mum went to bed after her night shift, I spent the day solo. I guess it's hard not to feel sorry for yourself when you're esentially spending Christmas day alone.
Still, we did our turkey dinner (which, since we didn't have one in October, we actually called Thanksgiving) on Boxing Day and once Emily got home from work, we had quite a bit of fun! I asked Mum to buy Cranium Turbo Edition, and she obliged me, and that was quite lovely. I really like the game, since it has a bit of something for everyone.
The next night, which was in fact last night, I got to play it again! A few of us went over to Amber's for a games night. And! My team won! I also tied for second in the other game (Chantal's Apples to Apples) and beat Andrew at darts - much to the bane of his competetive nature. I loved it, since I never play darts, but I know it was purely luck! Now if I could just get him to stop beating me at poker...which we're playing an online game of right now - so I'd better go pay attention!

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Anonymous said...

I've spent many a Christmas by myself, I can really relate. Happy belated Christmas and Happy New Year!