Monday, January 01, 2007

Casino Fatale

So, the start of a new year, eh? Well, last night was pretty darn tiring, so I'm not much for the forward thinking right now. Instead, I'll sum up the evening's events! (Even though Robyn already wrote about it...I'll just give a slightly different point of view.)
The evening started when a few of the girls came over for some pre-party primping. Robyn brought over some of her Mary Kay stuff, and I made The World's Simplest and yet Most Delicious Fruit Dip. (Combine equal parts Cool Whip and strawberry yogurt. We even had both fat-free, and it was absolutely amazing. Love it!)
We headed over to Andrew's, aka for the evening as Casino Fatale. We were checked against the guest list and invited in. An evening of intrigue followed, with murder and jewel thievery. I had been mildly disappointed with my character, until I found out that I got to be an undercover Russian spy. I attempted to assassinate the mysterious Mr.X and his bodyguard (who was also, incidentally, my "boyfriend.") That same "boyfriend" (who I was really just using for information) also tried I was proposed to by, and turned down, a charming English Lord (who needed a wife to claim his inheritance.)
The highlight of my evening, I think, was when said Lord (aka my friend Brent) played a "Moment of Passion" card, and I was so shocked by his (fictional, even!) proposition that I faltered, and dropped and broke my wine glass. For a moment, Anna Upanova and Lord James T. Burke disappeared, and Heather and Brent kinda dissolved into hysterical laughter. After that, I relegated myself to plastic cups for the rest of the night. All told, I spilled three times. Some suave, international super spy I am! Anyhow, I don't have my pictures up yet, because I left my camera at Andrew's house, but Robyn's got hers up, so check them out, if you like. I'll get mine up in the next couple days.
Anyhow, after the party wrapped up, we toasted the New Year with yummy sparkling juice and the people at the space needle on TV (New York's not live! How lame!) and then most people went home. A select few (snobbery! No, a shrubbery! <-this insanity will be explained momentarily) of us stayed longer - Andrew (since it's his house after all), Devon, Chantal, Amber, Brendon, Brian and myself. And by longer, I mean way too late. I took Brian home around 5, went back for a little while, and got home myself a little after 6am. We talked about the weird teachers we had in high school, had a bit of a swing dance demonstration, and Andrew and I danced for half a song until my toes really hurt. ;-) Chantal and Alden (earlier in the evening when Alden was still there, obviously) put on quite an impressive show with the swing - Chantal even got flipped - much to her surprise!
Anyhow, I'm pretty sure a good time was had by all, and that we're all pretty exhausted today. Hopefully in the next day or two I can get my camera and dish back from Andrew's, and return to Robyn her change of clothes and her Satin Hands!
Happy New Year, everyone...may it be full and blessed.

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