Monday, November 06, 2006


I'm all about the music lately, eh? I sang at church this morning, and loved it, as usual. I was told I even did a good job harmonizing on the national anthem - not all that easy! Because it wasn't my "band" week, but rather Mike had asked me specifically to sing (second choice to his wife...fair enough ;-) heh) I got to focus on just one piano, just singing.
Also, to make it even better (in my estimation) I was the only one singing harmony. So I got to really just make things up as I went along - which is good, since it was a relatively last minute thing. I love singing harmony "alone", but it gives me so much freedom to run between the alto and tenor parts, to go below or above the melody. It's so much fun, and Mike is so easy to sing with - he of the rather dulcet tones. Singing with talented people seems to raise one's own skill level I've got a bit of a jump to catch up with Mike. But it's fun!
Aaand...I'm redundant! So I'd better just shutup now. Later.


The One and Only A said...

O' Canada!

I have the the feeling that you can sing like a songbird.

Heather said...

A mockingbird, maybe. ;-)