Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Better late than never? Or something?
Hard Day. Meeting with Mike - all good. Talked about recording. Move on to Dan, not so good...kicked off worship team, "attitude," "undermining authority." Disagree. Cry. Lose something important to me. Something special ruined. History...gone.
Bathroom - cold water. Red face. More water. Try again. No progress. "I have nothing here." Not sure if I mean it. Walk out.
More water. Nosy women - escape. Drive home. Feel useless, worthless, unlovable. Google "how to commit suicide." Try to sleep it off. Wake up. Feel the same.
Query msn, "Robyn?" Replied, small talk. Hard to ask for help. Find more Google results. Cave in. Ordered to get in car, pick up cousin, go for ice cream.
Her place. Crazy kitten attacking bathtub. Cookie dough ice cream and giggles. Try to rhyme things with "smaller." Taller, holler, high "rawler," ghostly pallor, living in squalor. More giggles. Blessed distraction. Bad jokes and hot chocolate. And love. Thanks, Bob.
One more day.

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Amanda said...

Love you...Praying for you :)