Monday, November 27, 2006

Overdue Recap

Sooo, the weekend, eh? I guess it's about time I wrote about that.
Saturday morning saw me at the church getting things organized, making copies of music and picking up the ridiculously heavy keyboard we'd be using in studio.
I headed over to Doug's, where Ed, Dan and Eli met me and it took us quite a while to set up. We started recording around 11 and spent a couple of hours working on The Well, then Dan went home, Mike and Barry joined us and we recorded Safe. All in all, it was a very fun experience but it's definitely slow going. Six and a half hours to get the very start of two songs. I felt really useless recording Safe since all I was doing was singing, because I asked Mike to play piano on that one as he has a much more suitable jazzy style for that song. I was recording the "ghost vocals" and the only purpose of that is sort of to guide the band; apparently that vocal take doesn't actually get used.
After recording, I went up to Mum's for tea and cake (don't we sound British?) and my presents. You can see them here and here, as well as my cards. We visited for a couple hours, then I headed down to Fogg'n'Suds for (free!) dinner with my friends. A decent number of people showed up, as well as a surprise visit from Raylene, who's down from McKenzie. Home and to bed awful early for my birthday night, because I had to be at church at 8:30am to sing in the choir. That was lovely, I'm sure, and I also got my tickets to the Christmas drama, which our dear Robyn will be starring in. I'm quite excited about that. I'm going to be attending the banquet and dinner on Saturday night, but I think between playing piano for the prelude and doing sound I'll likely be there every night. Also on Sunday, way too much snow - I managed to make it down in the morning, but after I came home for the afternoon, the car got stuck in a snowbank that I couldn't get out of. The roads were horrible, so I got a ride down to the church for Scott and Bonnie's farewell party. After that was over, and I'd done a little bit of speaking and some crying - and some playing with my friend's adorable baby, Paige - we went over to Amber's to play some scum. Of course - we never play anything else! Good times...I was prez for a little while! And I wasn't actually scum at all, I don't think, which is lovely!
Today, I spent my gift card on new clothes, then had band practice. We've started a new band, and we have a violinist joining us. So far, I've quite enjoyed playing with him; he seems to have a good ear, and though we doubled up a few times, it was fun!
So, there ya go, another long entry about nothing! So exciting. Maybe I'll have something better tomorrow - but I'm not making any promises!


Chantaloupe? said...

Aw! I'm so glad you had such a lovely birthday-what fun and pretty gifts you got! And ya, it's too bad recording takes so long, but it'll make that album all the more special once you know how much time and effort was poured into it. Can't wait to hear it-and to wish you a real happy birthday in person :) Anyway, paper-writing time! Ciao!

Amanda said... I don't check this every day. I just caught up on the posts from your birthday onward.."Happy Belated Birthday!!" :)

Chris said...

Excellent entry...and it wasn't about nothing. Trust me, as one who often posts about nothing at all.